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The Natural Alternative to Hormone Therapy

Recent reports about the dangers of “Hormone Replacement Therapy” are creating great concern among women regarding the prescribed method for dealing with menopause and osteoporosis. It seems that according to recent case studies, many women are subject to experiencing greater harm than benefit from the use of these artificial, man made hormones. In addition, many of the claims being made as to protection for the heart have been proven to be false. The good news is that there is a safe and natural alternative that daily more and more women are learning about and using to solve hormone related health problems and as a bonus rebuilds a woman’s bone density thereby preventing or reversing osteoporosis.

“Natural Progesterone” is the key to many women’s health issues. Receive more information on this topic in the articles section.

At Radiant Health of Baton Rouge, we carry two brands with the required amount of 960 mg of Progesterone per 2 ounces of the product: Emerita Progest, one of the oldest, proven brands, and Organic Excellence, one of the newest and highest quality organic formulations available on the market today.

We believe, regardless of whose Progesterone product you buy, it is vital that you hear the truth and learn about the only natural alternative to the synthetic hormone therapy that, in many cases, is being forced upon women as the only possible solution to improve health and quality of life.

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