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Healthy Eating - The Truth About Diet & Nutrition

Everyone wants to eat "healthy." The problem has been to define scientifically what this means. Few would argue that the state of America's health is deplorable. Few people seem to have enough energy; fatigue is the #1 complaint. Sixty percent (three out of five) Americans are severely overweight. More than 50 million Americans have high blood pressure. Heart disease kills more than 40% (two out of five) of us. According to statistics, half of all men get prostate cancer, and a third of all women develop breast cancer. Skin cancer attacks 20% (one out of five) Americans. Diabetes has become the nation's leading epidemic. These statistics, reported by leading natural and world health agencies, should terrify you! We should be concerned enough about our life systems to want to know, specifically, what is nutritionally required for a human being to experience peak performance and radiant health?

In spite of better medical technology, more highly trained physicians and better drugs; in spite of better sanitation, better food distribution, and massive sales of nutrition supplements; in spite of more exercise and eating less saturated fat and cholesterol; and, in spite of following everything else we are told to do, the results are disappointing to say the least. What can we conclude from this? Either some or all of these actions are ineffective or even harmful, or else, in spite of all of these positive actions, we must be doing something unknowingly that negates them all! What could this be?

Unfortunately, all we Americans have been unknowing victims of a massive eating experiment we call the "Great Carbohydrate Eating Experiment" forcing us to endure a diet proper to fattening a cow but not proper for a human. For the past 20 plus years, we Americans have been told to make carbohydrates the basis of our diet: orange juice, oatmeal, brown rice, pasta, bagels, bread, potatoes, and so on. Currently publicized as the "Food Pyramid." Starting in the late 1950's, the "Four Basic Food Groups" model showed us that we should eat "balanced" portions of bread/cereal, fruits/vegetables, dairy, and meat. The first 2 of these groups are almost all carbohydrate, while many dairy products also contain significant carbohydrates. In the 1990's, the "Food Pyramid" model officially replaced the older model. The base of this newer model, the largest food group, is bread/cereal, with other carbohydrates still making up most of the rest of the pyramid. Have you, like most of Americans, modified the diet you had (when you were thinner) to conform to this new diet? Try this: Look in your shopping cart or your pantry. Have you cut back on meat, butter, eggs, or cheese because you have been told, by the "experts" that these foods cause heart disease, cancer, and other disorders? You have been misinformed - through a series of half-truths.

This prescribed method of healthy eating is in contrast to the diets proven successful for hundreds of years; eating more proteins and natural fats with fewer carbohydrates, the diet of our parents and grandparents, and most Americans before 1975. They told us not to eat too many potatoes, not to eat too much pie, and not to have too much cereal. Did mom tell you, "Now don't eat that cookie; I'm fixing you a good meal, and that will 'spoil' your appetite"? She was at least partially right. Biochemistry tells us that the human body is designed to function best on a diet of protein and natural fat with a minimal amount of carbohydrate and sugar. Is it any surprise then that a diet of just the opposite will produce opposite results?

What was the result of this eating experiment? Heart disease and strokes have not decreased during this time frame. More than 25% of our children are now obese and more than 55% of adult Americans are certified obese. Unprecedented levels of obesity and diabetes have occurred during the exact time frame of this experiment. We are victims, and we have every right to be upset and have a right to find out who perpetrated this experiment on us and what their motivation might have been. Fortunately, science now gives us Mother Nature's solution to naturally great health and its called "Radiant Health", in our opinion the best rated scientifically based nutrition program in the world. You can enjoy the pleasure of eating again.

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